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Case Study

cleveland golf

The Problem:

Cleveland Golf, a premier manufacturer of professional golf equipment, has been barraged by counterfeit product around the globe. These fakes have affected the Cleveland brand by impacting sales revenues, warranty servicing and perceived product performance.

cleveland golf brandingCMR's Recommendation:

Implement an authentication program for all new products based on CMR´s Mirage™ technology. This gives Cleveland the comfort of knowing that, unlike most other authentication technologies, Mirage™ is virtually impervious to simulation by counterfeiters, yet provides simple and unambiguous authentication. CMR also recommended that Cleveland enlist the help of their customers by having them perform an "inspection" before their purchase. By doing this, Cleveland Golf accumulates exponentially more global intelligence than they could gather with internal resources alone. And, other than the technology itself, a key component to the program's success is this direct communication with the customer on both the problem and the solution.

The Solution:

Cleveland has applied CMR's security labels featuring Mirage™ technology on all new products shipped beginning 2008 through today. In addition, the certified unique serialization associated with each label helps Cleveland track both the labels and the product, as well as better manage their warranty servicing.  As a result, the level of counterfeits found, especially in the areas seizures, the internet and in warranty returns has decreased dramatically. Cleveland has also found that communicating this program to the public has resulted in a more educated, discriminating and loyal customer.